Dark Sun

What's with all the slaves? Part 1

Roland, Luna, Rune, Rowan, Valanor, and Dorean set off on a mission from their Veiled Alliance Sect leader, Kadavren. They are quested to investigate large amounts of templar near the Mausoleum of Shiivarm, ruins to the north of Tyr.

After a few days of travel around a mountain range they are attacked by a Tembo, an intelligent cat-beast creature that is considered the bogeyman of most races and cultures on Athas. They quickly dispatch it, saving some of its meat for ration.

A few more days of travel they enter the Savannah at the mouth of the Mausoleum. They begin to find a few dead slaves scattered about the area. Rowan discovers tracks of several people heading towards the direction of the ruins. They begin to travel north, following the tracks when they hear cries of agony. The group comes upon a slave caravan hastily trying to move their slaves on. One of the slaves is on the ground being whipped to get up and carry on when Dorean approaches the slave overseer.

She diplomatically tries to find out who they are and where they are taking the slaves. After a few rude brush offs she finds that they are taking the slaves to the Mausoleum by Decree of King Tithian, the new King of Tyr. She also ascertains that the King is paying double for every slave brought there.

The adventurers unwary about the situation decide to follow them. Night falls and the slave caravan begins to set up camp, and the group closes in, in an attempt to find out more information or if they should even let them live. Being brushed off once more by the annoyed Overseer, Valanor offers a few gold to have one of their slaves help them with their camp.

The slave begins to set up the adventurers camp, Valanor magically whispers to the slave to leave behind an item so they can attempt to find out more and possibly help them. The slave rips a small piece of his sweaty tunic. The camp site reeks of human waste. Rune is upset by this.

Valanor uses a ritual on the item left by the slave to see a few moments of his past. The first image is that of The slave caravan leaving the city of Urik. The second image is of the slave overseer being handed documents by The Templar. The third is of the slave being ripped from his family, being sent into slavery. The last image greatly distresses Luna, and she promises herself to help the slave.

Valanor seeing The Templar in the vision, along with Roland’s agreement, launches a fiery orb at the slave caravan, tactically missing all the slaves. He hits the Overseer, his two Human Slavekeepers, and two Thri-Kreen Marauders, dealing a great amount of damage and knocking them to the floor. He yells to the slaves to flee, as the Overseer has lost his control from this surprise attack.

The battle is long but in the end the Slave Caravan was no match for the adventurers. One after another they fall as the warriors unleash their blows upon them.

Once the slaves captors are dealt with, Valanor breaks their chains and sets them free. The group scavanges the campsite, taking rations, gold, and their former foes weaponry. On the body of the Overseer the group finds the decree from King Tithian, which Kadavren may find interesting.

This is where we leave the group, until next week.



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